Triathlon Internacional de Santos 2019

The 28th Santos International Triathlon is coming

August 25, 2019

For 27 years the TRIATHLON INTERNATIONAL SANTOS has been featured all over the world, great stars of TRIATHLON WORLD have always been present.

In 2019, TRIATHLON INTERNATIONAL SANTOS begins a new era, becoming CLASSIFIED for the OLYMPICS, already worth points for the TOKIO 2020 OLYMPICS, such action was possible due to the great change of management of CBTri, where members of TRIATHLON BRAZILIAN be part of the entity, such as ARMANDO BARCELLOS who is vice president, Virgílio de Castilho CEO, Rodrigo Millazzo Technical Director, Ricardo Santos, Technical Director and Ernesto Pitanga, President.

However the big change started with the election of Marco La Pora as president, the following year La Porta took over the vice presidency of the COB and so Ernesto Pitanga took over the presidency as a commitment to make the necessary changes and so has been Thus the TRIATHLON INTERNATIONAL OF SANTOS came to have its name AMERICAN CUP, so from 2019, the event will be called TRIATHLON INTERNATIONAL OF SANTOS AMERICAN CUP, so the great challenge of NA Sports is to hold an event within the standards. of the major events of ITU.

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