Triathlon Internacional de Santos 2019

Luciano Taccone and Bia Neres earn the 28th Santos International Triathlon - 2019 American Cup

July 15, 2019
Due to the strong winds recorded on Sunday morning (10), in Santos (SP), it was not possible to perform swimming competitions for the Women and Men's Elites
On a day marked by the different climatic conditions registered on Sunday morning (10/03), in the city of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, Argentine Luciano Taccone and Brazilian Bia Neres managed to overcome the difficulties presented by the race and won the 28th International Triathlon of Santos - American Cup 2019, with the times of 01h42min00seg and 01h57min49seg respectively.
Due to the swings of temperature and, above all, the winds of approximately 40 km / h, the organization decided to cancel the swimming contest due to the rough sea, passing the test for the duathlon model with the course of 10 km of race, 40 km of cycling and a further 5Km of running, making it even more difficult for athletes of the male and female elite.
Among the amateurs, the Olympic triathlon event took place normally, considering that the conditions of the sea, around 7 o'clock in the morning (start time), were still favorable, with the athletes José Belarmino de Souza Filho and Nina Keller winning the title in the men's and women's, in the distances of 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 km of running.
This year's event featured a novelty: it served as a selective qualification for Brazilian athletes for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. As a result, the contest was marked by the International Triathlon Federation (ITU), under the supervision of the Brazilian Confederation of Trathlon (CBTri) and South American Federation of Triathlon (CAMTRI).
Even without swimming, the race between the men was extensive in the race and in the cycling, being defined the tip only in the final sprint by the Argentine Luciano Taccone, that celebrated much in the end for the first victory in Brazilian soil and, at the same time, lamented the fact of the reduction of 25% in the score achieved, due to the non-performance of the swimming test. "It really was a shame this issue of the sea being choppy. But, without a doubt, the organization thought about the safety of the athletes and protect the health of each one. However, I am happy for my conduct in the race and I am moving ahead with the goal of qualifying for the Olympics in 2020, "said Taccone.
Among women, the fight was also fierce between Brazilian Beatriz Neres and Argentina's Romina Biagioli, who finished the first 10km of the race together. But on the bike, even with a crash during the course, the Brazilian managed to gain an advantage, which managed to lead to the end of the race, winning the triumph consecutive of the event.
"The fact of not having the swimming ended up disturbing our strategy a little. But I still felt pretty good all the way and even if I fell off the bike I managed to get the rest of the race well, "said Neres, who is leaving for Australia on Sunday to participate in the Triathlon World Cup. Next sunday.
For the organizer of the event and director of NA Sports, Núbio de Almeida, the competition traveled calmly and stressed the active participation of the athletes during all those years. "Once again we prove that Santos is the Brazilian capital of triathlon. It is a tradition of the city and the population that embraces the competition with enthusiasm and joy, infecting the hundreds of athletes from all over Brazil and the world. During these 28 years we have had generations of athletes who have passed through and the renovation continues to exist for the good of the sport. So, thank you from the heart to everyone who gets involved so that the triathlon remains strong and attractive, "explained Almeida.
From now on, attention is focused on the first stage of the 29th Triathlon Brazil Trophy, which takes place on April 7, in Santos. Entries already open by site More information by phone (13) 3321-8240 or email
Santista Championship
The event this Sunday also served as the first of the five stages of the 4th Triathlon Santista Championship. The competition is exclusively for residents of Santos with the participation of 50 athletes between men and women. Entries were made only with donation of two cans of milk to the Social Solidarity Fund.
The 28th Santos - American Cup 2019 International Triathlon was held by NA Sports, in partnership with the Santos City Hall, through the Municipal Sports Department. Co-sponsorship: SantaCosantancia and Aquasphere. Collaboration: Military Police, CET Santos, Port Guard, SantosPress Communication, Medical Line, The Tribuna de Comunicação System and Clube Sírio Libanês Santos. Support: Sabesp, Hospital São Lucas and Port of Santos. Supervision: Brazilian Triathlon Confederation (CBTRI), International Triathlon Federation (ITU) and South American Triathlon Federation (CAMTRI).
Results of the 28th Santos International Triathlon 2019
Elite Under-23- Men
1 - Luciano Taconne (ARG) - 01h42min00seg
2 - Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) - 1h43min23sec
3 - Facundo Medard (ARG) - 01:46:33
4 - Gonzalo Raul Tellechea (ARG) - 01h47min02seg
5 - Miguel Lopes Hidalgo (BRA) - 01:47:13 PM
Elite Under-23 - Women
1 - Beatriz Neres (BRA) - 01h57m49seg
2 - Romina Natali Biagioli (ARG) - 01h59min33sec
3 - Delfina Alvarez (ARG) - 02h03min45sec
4 - Marion Kin (ARG) - 02h04min01seg
5 - Djenyfer Arnold (BRA) - 02h04min25sec
Amateur - Male
1 - José Belarmino de Souza Filho - 02h02min21sec
2 - Rodrigo Lobo - 02h02min44eg
3 - Luan Ortiz - 02:06:43
4 - Thiago Godoi de Oliveira Santos - 02h06min53sec
5 - Thomas Joaquim da Silva Ferreira - 02h08min03seg
Amador - Women
1 - Nina Keller - 02:27 min09sec
2 - Larissa Lazzarini Furlan - 02:27:20
3 - Caroline Camara Lopes - 02:29:55
4 - Janaina Santana - 02:32 min01seg
5 - Thays Fernandes - 02:33:40
Check out the gallery of champions
2019 - Luciano Taccone (ARG) Beatriz Neres (BRA)
2018 - Marcus Fernandes (BRA) and Beatriz Neres (BRA)
2017 - Flávio Queiroga (BRA) and Beatriz Neres (BRA)
2016 - Marcus Fernandes (BRA) and Ariane Monticeli (BRA)
2015 - Marcus Fernandes (BRA) and Luisa de Baptista Duarte (BRA)
2014 - Marcus Fernandes (BRA) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2013 - Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2012 - Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2011 - Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2010 - Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) and Nina Kraft (USA)
2009 - Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2008 - Paulo Henrique Miyashiro de Abreu (BRA) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2007 - Paulo Henrique Miyashiro de Abreu (BRA) and Nina Kraft (ALE)
2006 - Oscar Galindez (ARG) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2005 - Victor Plata (USA) and Carla Moreno (BRA)
2004 - Victor Plata (USA) and Gisele Bertucci (BRA)
2003 - Oscar Galindez (ARG) and Sandra Soldan (BRA)
2002 - Doug Friman (USA) and Carol Montgomery (CAN)
2001 - Oscar Galindez (ARG) and Michelle Jones (AUS)
2000 - Oscar Galindez (ARG) Suzane Nielsen (DIN)
1999 - Greg Welch (AUS) and Michelle Jones (AUS)
1998 - Oscar Galindez (ARG) and Michelle Jones (AUS)
1997 - Olivier Marceau (FRA) and Michelle Jones (AUS)
1996 - Leandro Macedo (BRA) and Michelle Jones (AUS)
1995 - Ken Glah (USA) and Carol Montgomery (CAN)
1994 - Oscar Galindez (ARG) and Carol Montgomery (CAN)
1993 - Oscar Galindez (ARG) and Melissa Mantak (USA)
1992 - Scott Molina (USA) and Sylvian Puntous (CAN)
Story - Created in 1992, the Santos Triathlon International became an official event of the city by Santos Town Hall and since then, one of the biggest events of its kind in the country. The competition, designed by NA Sports, entered the official calendar of the state of São Paulo in 1997 and has collaborated to develop the sport in Brazil, as well as encouraged the exchange with the presence of great names of the sport.
About NA Sports - NA Sports is a sports-related company, in particular Triathlon. Founded in 1990 by businessman Núbio de Almeida, he held the Triathlon Santista Circuit in the same year. Already in 1991, NA Sports introduced what would become the biggest event of the sport in the country: the Brazil Triathlon Trophy. The following year, a new challenge: the realization of the International Triathlon of Santos. Currently, the company organizes the two main competitions of the sport, aiming at the growth of the sport in Brazil.
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